Leggett Ventures

A Houston-based Private Equity firm specializing in asset-backed Real Estate and Energy investments. Over the last decade, Leggett Ventures has sourced and managed a multitude of investment opportunities in the Real Estate and Energy sectors including everything from Residential to Land Development, Oil & Gas to Solar. With a focus on hands-on management, today the Leggett Ventures team has more than $100 million in assets.

About Leggett Ventures

Our investment philosophy is centered around driving growth for businesses and investors. Our hands-on management approach and strategic partnerships allows our team to accelerate growth and achieve tangible goals all the while building profitable investments and mitigating risks. Our approach to investing reaches beyond the traditional investment structure. Offering various investment opportunities through Fund models, profit share and syndicated partnerships, we’re creating relationships, providing mentorship and sourcing opportunities that provide consistent cash flow and clear exit strategies – all the while investing alongside our partners.

Philanthropy is at our core. From personal gifts to volunteering and creating social entrepreneurial opportunities with our investments, supporting communities and giving back to those around us is a pillar in our daily lives. We believe in folding philanthropic efforts into all that we do.

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